It’s the “Spring Flush,” when our live stocks’ diet changes from dry feed to spring pasture. This time has long been established as a time of change in milk properties and processing characteristics.

These first beautiful days of spring; blue skies and warm sunshine with epic green hills of pasture, the barn is literally chomping at the bit to trail out there and feast. This happens every year around these early days of March or April, when its time to move the herd out onto this wonderful young grass. These early spring grasses are loaded with higher proteins, vitamins and minerals. All well and good for the girls, but sometimes a real task for our crew at the creamery.

These young grasses are typically extremely palatable and super nutritious with 20% crude protein or higher which creates a dense mineral based milk. This dense milk often makes binding the proteins found naturally in yogurt that much more difficult to bind, resulting in a thicker sometimes grainy texture. Rest assured thise at the Kalypso Kreamery shy away from overly processing anything that we craft and simply allow for nature to run it is all well and good and perfectly fine to enjoy. It typically only lasts about a week or two and then its back to normal. We hers course. Therefore, if you have picked up a cup of our premium yogurt in the last week or so, and noticed any minute difference… this is why. No formulation change. Now back to the barn we have got some milking to do!!

Stay healthy