Kalypso yogurt at the center of the Mediterranean diet

The word “diet” today is perceived as a restriction that helps us lose weight. The Mediterranean diet couldn’t be further from that.  Rather, it’s a heart-healthy diet that includes the food staples of us that live in the blessed region around the Mediterranean Sea in locations such as Greece, Spain and Italy.

One staple food of this Medi-diet is low or non-fat dairy products that provide calcium, potassium and hunger satiating protein. Kalypso Greek yogurt, a staple in this Mediterranean diet, can be enjoyed any time of the day, whether it’s at breakfast or incorporating it into recipes at lunch, dinner or one of our little snacks. Eating healthier and smarter is something we all must strive doing. Easier said than done, we know but with so many choices that often tempt us, such as foods that are heavily loaded with empty calories and have very little nutritional value – when we find something that is appetizing and is actually good for us, it’s cause for elation!

Kalypso yogurt provides a simple and delicious way to add more protein & essential nutrients to your diet. With twice the protein of regular yogurt, it tastes great, while helping you feel full longer. Protein plays many important roles in your body making it essential for good health and is the foundation of healthy muscles, eyes, skin and hair. Another great quality of  Kalypso is its ability to be a substitute for higher fat foods like cream, butter and mayonnaise in our day to day.

Greek Yogurt Substitute

According to the dietary guidelines for Americans, we should be consuming around three servings of dairy a day, including sources like cheese, Greek yogurt and milk. Don’t fall into the trap of the plant based marketing campaign currently on trend these days. Looking at the nutritionals of these non-dairy yogurts, they lack almost all of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need in order to regenerate and grow. Simply be aware and don’t get swept up into retailers and brand hype.